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At ehemp we strive to provide the best products, stellar service and flexible returns for when we don’t get something right. If there’s ever an issue with your order please contact us first and we’ll do everything possible to make it right. Below, you’ll find our returns policies designed to explain what is or is not eligible for return.

Buying Products with CBD (cannabidoil)

Products containing CBD (cannabidoil) affect everybody differently and you should expect individual results to vary. We make no claims to the effect of products containing CBD (cannabidiol) and those which are sold on ehemp have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease. Prior to starting a new diet, adding to your diet or supplementing your existing diet you should always consult with your physician. If you decide to purchase any product containing CBD (cannabidoil) from ehemp, you are purchasing these products with the understanding of the current state of CBD (cannabidiol) products with respect to the FDA.

Return Eligibility for Consumable and CBD Products

All returns must be initiated by ehemp customer support [email protected] and any product sent back without written authorization from ehemp support will not be refunded.

If after speaking to ehemp support, and you still want to return, your order may be eligible for a 100% refund of the purchase within 7 days of delivery.

*Consumable Products are any products that can be consumed including, but not limited to: Skin creams, salves, rubs, makeup, pills, tablets, tinctures, droplets, or more simply put, anything that goes in or on the body that isn’t clothing or an accessory. If you wouldn’t be comfortable using someone else's used item it is likely a consumable product.

Return Authorization

  • All returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization
  • Please contact [email protected] to receive a Return Authorization
  • Products sent back to ehemp without prior authorization will not be refunded

Before returning an item please contact us at [email protected] to see if we can help. If we can’t, and your order is eligible, we’ll provide a return authorization which must be accompanied with your return.


Most products are limited to the manufacturer's warranty. Some warranty issues will need to be addressed with the manufacturer. However, we will do everything in our power to take care of the problem.